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Eiger 1.2

December 13, 2014

Today we're releasing another major update to Eiger. To all of you who have given us feedback, thank you. We're constantly working to improve the performance of your Mark One and the quality of the experience.


In this update we've added version tracking to help you go back to track the changes you make to your parts both in and out of our software.

A new version is created whenever you make a change to the settings of the part on the part page or on the internal view. If you update your part in CAD, you can upload that part as a new version of an existing part and keep your current settings.

Other Improvements

  • Carbon Fiber printing performance has been improved
  • Plastic printing performance has been improved and your parts will come out crisper
  • Email notifications have been added on print completion (these may be turned off in your settings)

The MarkForged Team

Eiger 1.1

November 26, 2014

We’re pleased to announce the next update to Eiger as well as our first blog post. In the future, all changes to Eiger will be tracked here.

Isotropic Fill

The biggest addition in this update is a new fiber fill algorithm we're calling isotropic fill. Printing with a part reinforced with isotropic fill gives you stiffness and strength in all directions. You can print with this new option by going in to material settings and changing your fiber fill type.

Other Improvements

  • Loading parts in the library is faster
  • The part view and the internal view now have increased support for legacy hardware
  • Support structure generation is improved
  • Prints now generate much faster on average

For issues with this update or with Eiger in general, see the support pages.

The MarkForged Team